Rate Yourself

Are you a High Performance Dynamo?

Here are 20 statements about getting things done. Answer honestly about how you plan, take action and complete your projects. There are no right or wrong answers. Your first response is probably the right one. At the end, you’ll get a score out of 100 that reflects how well you perform against the ideal or perfect score.

I design my work based on what motivates me

I have a clear long term goal I am working towards

I work consistently to improve my skills

I work with others to keep myself accountable

I am clear on what motivates me

I have goals based on internal motivations

I stick at my longer term projects until they are achieved

I am happy

I design my work to gain regular and deliberate feedback

I design my work to build momentum

I use rules of thumb to simplify my work

I manage my moods and emotions to get more done

I build habits to help me get more done

I work in my strengths

I design my environment to help me get more done

I have an action plan to overcome the obstacles I expect to face

I have identified multiple ways to complete my projects

I am effective at asking for help

Other people often offer to help me

When I ask other people to complete tasks for me it usually gets done