Leadership Habits

Why we fail to train better leaders

Every year billions of dollars are spent on developing leaders in programs around the world. Despite this investment, the low rankings given to political, social and corporate leaders suggest we are not doing a very good job.

The Two Missing Things

The answer to the big question of ‘How to train better leaders’ is revealed when we look at elite athletes and ask the question: How do they perform at a high level consistently over time?

Two things stand out as missing elements in the leadership development space.

Firstly athletes practice. And, they typically practice a lot more than they perform. Elite athletes might train 20-40 hours per week and only perform on the sporting stage for an hour or even minutes each week.

How often do you practice to be a leader? Mostly we don’t. We’re too busy trying to perform!

This makes it difficult to improve our skills and become better leaders.

Secondly, athletes practice in a very specific way. They’re working to build habits because they know that in stressful moments they don’t have time to think about what to do. Instead, they need to rely on their instincts – those things they’ve trained for.

When was the last time you reacted poorly in a stressful situation? Building positive leadership habits can help you avoid making the same mistake in the future.

The Leadership Habits Program

To help create better leaders who thrive in the moments that matter, Geoff McDonald and Taruni Falconer offer a 4 week program to build your leadership habits. It takes the habits module from Project Passion and expands into a 4-week program aim specifically at leaders in organisations.

The next Leadership Habits Program starts Thursday 9 November.

Investment: $350 plus GST

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