What will you be celebrating on New Years Eve?

What will you be celebrating on New Year’s Eve?

Time is ticking … This is your last chance to finish 2017 with a bang and tick off all those things you said that you’d get done. Don’t let it be another year that started with good intentions and finished with an embarrassing list of half-done projects. Have your success be the reason you celebrate on New Year’s Eve!

Finish Fast in 2017!

In this online Workshop, you’ll learn three ways to power through the next two months to finish 2017 on a high.

  1. How to stop procrastinating, playing safe and living out your Default Future
  2. How to motivate and inspire yourself to take the right action at the right time using the Future Wedge
  3. How to transform your most important business challenge so it effectively disappears and leaves you free to create your Next Big Thing


Wednesday 22 November – 9 am – 10 am

This is a live event – no recordings.

Start your day with a little inspiration!

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