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Calling all Authors!

Done - Project Passion

Are you ready to write your book?

The original spark for Project Passion came from my own failure to finish my projects. In particular, to finish writing all the books that I’d started.

A few years back I bought myself a new laptop. And because the hard drive was smaller than my previous computer I couldn’t just hit ‘migrate all’. Instead I had to sort through my files to decide what to keep and what to back up.

During this process I discovered a rather ugly truth. I found folder after folder of unfinished book projects. There were at least 25 of them. Yes, 25! And this didn’t include the unfinished board games, card games and other things that littered my hard drive.

This would not have been a problem if there were only a few pages of notes here and there. Alas, there were hundreds of pages. In some cases books were half finished, others quarter finished and all up there was a lot of effort and not a lot to show for it.

Yes, I have now finished eight books. That shows I do know how to write and finish a book. And strange as it might seem my unfinished ones probably taught me more about what I need to succeed in life.

Based on this, and having written my recent book Done during a Project Passion Program, I’m now plotting and planning a special edition of Project Passion with a deliberate and exclusive focus for authors and writers to write and publish their book in 12 weeks.

My proposed launch date is late 2017 – If you’re interested, let me know and you can help me design the program in a way that would work best for you.